Typical Morning with a Twist

Day 10 SOLSC #sol17

Yesterday I read a post from the blog Reading, Writing, and Learning where the writer wrote in a timeline format.  It sparked the idea for today’s slice.

My daughter Emma is not a morning person.  Come to think of it neither is her father.  And while I’m being honest – I don’t love waking up in the morning either.  Here’s how a typical work day morning plays out in our house.

5:00 – Brad’s alarm goes off.  His first alarm.  I give him a gentle nudge. “Brad alarm, Brad alarm, Brad alarm.”  He hits snooze.

5:09 – Snooze time is over.  Alarm blaring again.  This time my nudge isn’t as gentle.  “Brad alarm, Brad alarm, Brad alarm.

5:15 – Brad’s back up alarm goes off.  The nudges keep getting harder and the voice gets louder.  “Brad alarm, Brad alarm, BRAD ALARM.”  And he finally gets up and gets dressed. He brings me coffee, gives Emma and I our good-bye kisses, and out the door he goes.

5:30 – Jen’s alarm goes off.  Roll and hit snooze.  “Just 5 more minutes.” I say to myself.

5:35 – Snooze time is over.  Turn it off.  “Just 5 more minutes.”

5:45 – Jen’s second alarm starts blaring.  “Oh for the love, I don’t wanna get up.”  But slowly, slowly, I get up.  Sip my coffee.  It’s cold.  Into the kitchen I go for a refill.  The morning has truly begun.  Shower, get dressed, pack lunches, get everything done before trying to wake Emma.

6:45 – The time has come.  Into her room I go.  I tap her gently and say in a soft voice, “Good morning princess.  Time to get up,” “uuuugggghhhh,” she groans at me.  “Come on sweet pea, I know you don’t want to get up but we have to.  We have to get to school and work.”  She opens one eye a teeny bit and shuts it quickly, rolling over and away from me.  I leave.

6:50 – “Emma.  Emma honey you have to get up.”  “Ughhh why do you keep bothering me?” she growls.  The tone in her voice says “you’re annoying lady.”

This back and forth goes on until at least 7am.  I try my hardest to keep my cool and remain calm.  But the struggle is real.  Today, however, was a little different.  Well the part with me and Brad is accurate most mornings (I was a little behind schedule this morning). Here’s what happened this morning:

6:30 – I’m frantically, picking out clothes and throwing them on because I know I’m running late and have to be completely ready before I wake the princess.  All of a sudden, I hear from Emma’s bedroom, “Momma…Good morning, Momma.”  I looked toward her room – wondering if I was hearing things.  I walked into her room and there she was, cuddled in her blanket, smiling.  “I was having a bad dream, so I woke up.  But then I saw this (pointing out the window, snow was falling) Yeah, this makes me happy,” she sighed.

So, thank you Mother Nature for making my girl smile and for making my morning less stressful!


2 thoughts on “Typical Morning with a Twist

  1. It’s the details of our days that make the best slices, I think. I love the surprise “alternative” ending…and I’m jealous you got a bit of snow!


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